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Welcome to Sincere Officers Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Sincere Officers Solutions is an Indian registered Private Limited company with a team of highly professional and dedicated Officers retired from the Defence services ( Army and Air Force) of India. The team carries with it the ethos and sincerity of the Defence services and endeavors to carry out all tasks professionally with a high degree of precision and enthusiasm that ensures task accomplishment always and every time.

SOS provides Aircraft Charter and Air ambulance services all over India. SOS is the safest and surest aircraft ambulance and aircraft charter service in India with access to a variety of fixed wing aircraft and helicopters. SOS provides the most economical and the sincere aircraft services with the best professional pilots flying the aircraft.

SOS takes care of all paperwork and permits and ensures hassle free travel for our guests through our dedicated team of highly trained and sincere professionals.

Vision.  The vision of SOS is to provide freedom and exhilaration of private air travel to more people than ever and is realized through efficient operation, acute attention to detail, acclaimed customer service and industry leading safety practices.

Why Charter Aircraft

  • Makes perfect sense.
  • Avoid transfers at hubs and all the frustration of lengthy queues and delays.
  • Fly direct to your destination.
  • Hand select your catering before you fly.
  • Offer our clientele unparalleled service and the ultimate in luxury and convenience.
  • Why own a jet when you can just charter one. We believe charter flights are more cost effective and a flexible alternative to full or fractional aircraft ownership.

Belief / Code of Conduct

  • Time is money.
  • Customer is guest.
  • Safety first and always.
  • Honesty is best policy.

Destinations : You name it and we will get you there in the shortest, surest and safest time frames. Of course for our fixed wing aircraft we will need a runway near by. However, our helicopters need just a small helipad which can be quickly constructed on clear ground. For details on destinations please feel free to contact us 24 X 7.

  • You tell us your needs, and we will provide you with full service, safety, security, luxury, convenience at the best prices possible, with as little as four hours advance notice, access to anywhere in the country for any private aeroplane/ helicopter you may require.



Business Meetings : Time is money. Stay away from traffic rushes and reach destinations as per your convenience within the shortest possible time frames. Visit multiple premises covering the length and breadth of the country in one day. Plan your business meetings in our corporate jets at 35000 feet above the ground and define a new way to do business.

Holiday : Gift your family and friends a holiday of their life time. Travel with us to any destination you decide and enjoy hassle free, safe and VIP travel.

Wedding : Involve our helicopter in your special event, whether its arrival of the couple or whisking away the happy couple after their ceremony, our helicopters provide those unforgettable moments that can be remembered for the entire life time.

Flower Drop : Our helicopters carry out flower petal drops on occasions like wedding/ inauguration/ birthday/ anniversary/ wedding ceremony or on sites of importance for our clients.

Family Celebrations : Make your family celebrations like birthday, anniversary, wedding, get-togethers memorable with our affordable private charters  

Joy Rides : Enjoy a unique experience with joy rides in our helicopters at a place near you. Spend memorable moments admiring the birds-view scenery from thousands of feet above the ground in our helicopters. Relish such moments and make your loved ones feel special.


  • 24 X 7 Variety of Services Surest and Safest
  • Access to Aero-planes and Helicopters
  • Strict Time Maintenance
  • Professionally managed by Defence Officers
  • Cost Effective
  • Many Destinations Flexible Schedule

What our clients say-

- A delightful experience with SOS. Though there was a slight delay due to weather, but we still reached well before our target time. A very comfortable and professional flight. Keep up the good work.

Medical Ambulance Services

Medical Ambulance

  • Medevac unit to suit individual needs
  • Onboard Medical Team
  • Full onboard ICU
  • Fully Pressurised Aircraft with Aircraft Breathing Oxygen Additionally in case of Need
  • Additional Equipment as per Patients Special Needs

Aircraft Ambulance

Our aircraft have certified life-saving equipment along with a professional medical team ( Doctor and a Nurse). Our medical team checks the patient’s medical history before the air lift is carried out and ensure adequate and suitable equipment is available on the aircraft.

Additional Information Required for Medical Evacuation:-

  • Patient's medical condition
  • Is the patient stabilized and medically cleared to fly?
  • No of accompanying passengers. Will they have their own doctor/medical personnel?
  • Has the hospital/doctor requested specific equipment to be available on board?
  • Contacts of treating and receiving doctor/hospital.

Welcome to Sincere Officers Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
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